For over 38 years football coaches have trained youth, high school, college and professional champions by making Rogers’ innovative sleds and dummies an important part of their practices. Drills on Rogers’ equipment help coaches teach player fundamentals, while protecting their athletes by limiting the amount of live contact.

Rogers’s innovative products give your players the confidence to practice with game-day aggressiveness. Depending on the equipment you choose, the heights, angles and tensions can all be adjusted to suit your team’s particular training needs and skill level.

Rogers understands that champions are made long before the games begin.

Winning a championship on the field starts way before the cleats hit the turf. It starts in the weight room – and you don’t have to wait until fall to start building champions.

By partnering with football coaches Rogers has developed a revolutionary line of strength training equipment to provide the solution to off-season training seeking to build “Football Strength”.

When Rogers made the decision to enter the strength training market, our principles of innovation, quality, and skill development were our top priority. The Brute Rack System with Monster Arms will give your athletes a closed-chain, free-weight training experience.


Our revolutionary Pendulum plate-loaded strength training equipment allows athletes of all sizes and levels to super-target and maximize the benefits of muscle groups more smoothly using bio-mechanically correct motion. The results: athletes work out more safely with less stress on the spine and the body’s more fragile joints. You can see the difference. You can feel the difference. No wonder that most serious athletes, from professional football players to America’s elite military forces train with Pendulum.

Quality, Innovation and value from the trusted leader – Rogers Athletic.