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T-Board Set


Drill a wide-based stance and keep players in good football position.  The Board's beveled edges minimize the risk of sprains and bruises. Cleats will not slip on T-Board surface.  Solid, rubber-like Boards won't warp or splinter.  Unlike boards, the dense semi-rigid urethane foam conforms to the surface of the practice field. Heavy enough that they stay in place and don't need straightening after each drill.


The T-Board set consists of the 8' Board plus a shorter section that butts up to it to form a "T."  It helps players maintain their balance by not over-striding on the first step, and to lift - not drag - their foot on the second step, creating a stronger, more balanced blocking base.


T-Board Set Measurements

T-Section: 2-1/4''H x 7-1/2''W x 42''L

Board Set: 2-1/4''H x 12''W x 8'L


The Board

2-1/4''H x 12''H x 8'L

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