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Snap Attack Football Machine


Run more drills with greater precision and speed.  Train Snap, Pass and Kick with one-machine.


• Universal cradle positions the ball for either passing, punting, snapping or kick-offs. (No second cradle required for kick-off.)

• Two high-powered motors provide instant recovery, allowing rapid repetition and combination of drills. No waiting for wheels to come back up to speed.

• Passing stand allows throwing head to pivot instantly in any direction, accurately throwing passes, punts and kick-offs to any location on the field. Operators can lead receivers or spot punts or kick-offs precisely for both returns and coverage. Elevation changes are quick and easy. Machine can also be locked in for precise repetition. 

• Solid guarded wheels are specially-designed for minimal wear and last the life of the machine with no need for pressure changes.

• Unit quickly moves on and off field; just tilt it, un-socket legs and easily roll it on two transporting wheels. 

• No assembly is required. Unit arrives fully assembled and ready for your immediate use.


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ITEM NUMBER   410703
WEIGHT   118 lbs
PRICE   $4000