Open Field Tackle Machine


Big Brutus Hanging Dummy


Coach as many repetitions as you need safely on the Big Brutus Hanging Dummy

Offensive players can work on the lockout extension and punch technique, body positioning, while maintaining proper footwork throughout the duration of the pass set drill.

Safely have your defensive linemen practice the wrong shoulder technique when taking on a pulling lineman, defeating a trap or spilling a kick out block.

You can train two players at a time as well under the extended frame work.

Defensively, you can strike the dummy physically, to keep separation find the ball and make an escape move to the right or left to get to the ball.



Big Brutus80 lbs. dummy

#410817>>261 lbs.>>$1980

or two annual payments of $990


Big Brutus―50 lbs. dummy (for youth)

#410816>>231 lbs.>>$1970

or two annual payments of $985