20-Arm PowerBlast


The Rogers PowerBlast helps athletes develop better skills by learning to keep the feet apart, head up, eyes open, and shoulders low. Running backs can work on pumping the legs, covering the ball, and making the second effort. With the optional 2-man sled, the whole team can benefit. Train the guards to break a hole for the backs. Linemen and running backs can practice many drills including hit, spin, and run through. Repetitions on the sled pads help develop proper blocking techniques.  Instill confidence and aggressiveness in your players this season with the Rogers PowerBlast™.


20 Arm Powerblast with Hanging Dummy
Part #410426>>889lbs.>>$4555

or three annual payments of $1722


20 Arm Powerblast with 2-Man Powerline Sled

Part #410418>>896lbs.>>$4145

or three annual payments of $1569


20 Arm Power blast with Hanging Dummy and 2-Man Powerline Sled

Part #410419>>1081 lbs.>>$5035

or three annual payments of $1905


Optional Wheel Kit

410680 >> $510




ITEM NUMBER   410424
WEIGHT   704 lbs.
PRICE   $3650