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ISO Sled - 1-Man

  Pad Options

The Iso Sled's pad is perpendicular to the ground because linebackers, defensive backs, and other defensive players have to defeat blocks at a different angle than down linemen. Now these players can develop proper shedding technique.


Linebackers and DB's can knock the pad back, throw the pad the opposite way from which the ball carrier commits, and finish the drill by accelerating to the ball.


• The Iso Sled features the Lev Sled head, including its coil spring. The hit, compression, recoil action simulates the opponent.

• Push the spring in six inches or more and the player can lift the pad for leverage practice.

• With the Pivoting Pad Adapter the pad freely moves left and right, training players to maintain contact with, and keep pressure on, the opponent.




Surge Shock
ITEM NUMBER   410471
WEIGHT   335 lbs.
PRICE   $1320