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Zone Reactor

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Teach quick footwork by players on both sides of the ball. You roll the pad along a five-foot track while players master reaction skills. Our exclusive vertical action from the Lev-Sled head adds even more realism to your drills.


Defenders develop quick hands, a hard strike and fast-moving feet by playing the zone-blocking action of an offensive lineman. Develop proficient lateral movement to disrupt a play or make a tackle. Drill shuffling down the line of scrimmage maintaining separation on the pad with a jam technique while keeping the feet moving.


Offensively, work the Zone Reactor to master fundamental skills. Drill step-and-strike reps for pass blocking. Stay locked up and move to the left or right for run blocking. Simulate squeezing the D-linemen down the line of scrimmage. Develop the skills required to execute the zone block. Train to run the feet quickly against a moving target. Control the opponent by pushing the pad in six inches or more, then leveraging the pad.


• The pad glides on eight heavy-duty rollers.

• Adjust the height without tools in a 15" range.

• Platform base included.

• Choose Surge or Shock Pad


Post Mount and Ground Sleeve

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Surge Shock
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