Tek Sled™


3-Man Tek Sled


Football has evolved as athletes get bigger, stronger, and faster.  As football offense is now more complex, the defense must train to physically play the offender, as well as break-through the blocker to take the seam, hence putting the defender in a position to attack or disrupt the ball carrier.


The new TEK Sled moves like a blocker, allowing the defender to work on shocking the offensive player, creating leverage and violently separating or attacking the offender. Today, zone blocking requirements have teammates handling double teams, releasing to take on their next dangerous defender. No current product can simulate the weight, resistance and natural movement of a defender like the new Rogers TEK Sled.


• Lateral Movement simulates the realism of facing a live opponent

• Drill Cartridge allows flexibility in the variety of drills

• Coil over shock gives realistic resistance for both the initial impact and continued drive

• Recoil mechanism provides life-like movement as resistance increases as player progresses into the pad.


Coach's Platform 

411309 >> 58 lbs. >> $290




ITEM NUMBER   411413
WEIGHT   920 lbs.
MEASUREMENTS   13.5ft (w)
PRICE   $4930


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