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Rogers Glute Ham Bench is the best Glute Ham Machine on the market.  User friendly design minimizes fatigue so athletes can work on isolated muscle groups. All adjustments can be done from the workout position allowing users of all sizes to cycle through the machine quickly.


• Contoured Foot Plate is ergonomically designed to maximize leverage as athlete raises body.

• Contoured thigh pads rotate 360º for increased comfort and support.

• Athletes can mount the glute ham machine from either side with the pass through ankle rollers.

• Larger athletes will love the extra space - especially when holding a weight plate.

• Wide front base and long extension handle is designed for reverse hyperextension


• Vertical Adjustment Front rollers can be adjusted vertically for workout resistance variations.

• All adjustments can be done from the workout position. Pull lever to adjust distance of ankle rollers.

• User friendly step-through design.


ITEM NUMBER   410594
WEIGHT   345 lbs.
MEASUREMENTS   55'' x 34'' x 76''