Hip Press


Maximum stimulation from the hips down.  More than just a traditional leg press, the plate-loaded Pendulum Hip Press also strengthens hips, glutes, hamstrings and quads.  Its comfortable lockout handles provide safe starting, while its adjustable range of motion helps limit overextension.


Lockout Handles

These comfortable handles ensure correct and safe starting position.


Friction Free Movement  

The industrial sized bearings allow for reduced drag and precision strength curves.


Adjustable Seat Design

Built to fit 4'6" to 7' athletes with both comfort and safety.  18 smooth and effortless seat adjustment settings.


MAX Weight

The strong construction allows you to "MAX OUT" up to 900lbs. of weight.


3 Position Range Limiter 

This safety feature allows a comfortable range of motion without over extention.





ITEM NUMBER   410601
WEIGHT   660 lbs
MEASUREMENTS   58in (h) x 57in (w) x 83in (l)