Power Squat Pro


The feel of free weights in a proven strength building machine.  The plate-loaded Pendulum Power Squat Pro builds incredible leg mass and strength, targeting hips and glutes with its top load; and quads with its bottom load.  Just as important, it lets users comfortably maintain full control of their movement throughout the workout.


Top & Bottom Load Position

Design targets Hip and Glutes with the top load and Quads with the bottom load for optimal strength training.


Patented Floating Yoke

Allows for that free-weight feel.


Adjustable Shoulder Pads 

These comfortable wide shoulder protectors are fully adjustable for ultimate comfort during routine.


Friction Free Movement  

The industrial sized bearings allow for constant movement without damaging interruption.


MAX Weight

The strong construction allows you to "MAX OUT" up to 1600lbs. of weight.


3 Position Range Limiter 

This safety feature allows a comfortable range of motion without over extension.





ITEM NUMBER   410605
WEIGHT   475 lbs
MEASUREMENTS   58in (h) x 71in (w) x 63in (l)