Power Grip Pro


The essential workout for top grip strength. From its safe-start, stainless steel handles to its unique foot pedal design, the plate-loaded Pendulum Power Grip Pro provides both static contractions and force negatives. The result: maximum grip potential. Don't let a weak grip end your sets early.


Stainless Steel Handles

Ergonomically positioned to maximize your grip.


Weight Horns 

Provides storage room for extra weights not being used.


MAX Weight

The strong construction allows you to "MAX OUT" up to 450lbs. of weight.


Friction Free Movement 

The industrial sized bearings allow for reduced drag and precision strength curves.


Steel Footplate

Enables static contractions and forced negatives throughout routine.





ITEM NUMBER   410606
WEIGHT   200 lbs
MEASUREMENTS   49in (h) x 49in (w) x 37in (l)