Lat Combo Pull


The Pendulum Lat Combo Pull is the most technologically advanced lat machine offered today. Its movement stays consistently smooth no matter which grip is utilized. You can maximize strength with a variety of handles. It comes standard with a thick grip, wide grip, a straight bar and unique universal handles. Train serveral routines with this versatile machine.


Interchangeable Handles 

Interchangeable handle system allows for variation. Standard handles include: thick grip, wide grip, straight bar and rotating universal handles.


Optional Handles Available

Including: Universal utility hook, universal adjustable length handle, safety tested rope, ball attachment and a hands-free attachment.


Friction Free Movement 

The industrial sized bearings allow for reduced drag and precision strength curves.


Thigh Restraint

Enables a safe and comfortable routine, while minimizing movement.





ITEM NUMBER   410604
MEASUREMENTS   90in (h) x 59in (w) x 74in (l)