SXT 7000


The SXT 7000 Total Body Elliptical is a weight bearing total body cross trainer using the elliptical motion to provide non-impact exercise.  The lower leg elliptical motion can increase cardiovascular endurance, core strength and stability.  Long arm reach extension ensures arm and shoulder work is coordinated with the leg biomechanics allowing a whole cross training experience.



The SXT 7000 features a comfortable 17" stride length which aligns the pivot point of the arm handles with the knee to provide spinal alignment.  The biomechanics of the SCT 7000 also optimize torso rotation and core recruitment with a 22" arm extension and flexion.



Iso-Strength provides accommodating resistanace at a constant speed throughout the individual's range of motion.  The isokinetic component mirrors the force applied by the end user.


200 Levels of Resistance

The workload can be changed in .1 increments - providing the most comprehensive, progressive system.