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Rogers Tred Sled


The TredSledô manual, non-motorized treadmill is the latest in weight room automation improving blocking, tackling, sprint acceleration and power. It combines a one-man sled and tethered-sled pulling with interactive treadmill technology. Training in groups of up to six, theTredSled transforms workouts into competitions, challenging athletes to outperform themselves and their teammates.

Adjust the Resistance of the Tread
The athlete drives the non-motorized tread while its braking system resists his movement. Adjust the resistance to challenge players of any position or fitness level. Rehabilitate injured players by increasing the resistance as they recover. Take advantage of unlimited travel distance in a space measuring just 8' x 5' in your weight room.

The TredSled provides quantitative feedback to motivate players to improve their performance.
In Block/Tackle Mode, view readouts of response time, impact force and distance. In Sprint Mode, view sprint distance.

The coach can program the TredSled for group workout sessions. Enter the number of players (up to six), the duration and number of the workouts per player, and the rest time. Push the start button and the TredSled signals each player to get ready, begin and stop, repeatedly throughout the training session.

With automated training sessions, Rogers TredSled allows many players to complete their workout in a short period of time. In Block/Tackle Mode, only one hour is needed for 20 players to complete a workout consisting of ten four-second work periods. In Sprint Mode, 30 players can complete the same workout in one hour.

Build Upper and Lower Body
The TredSled allows players to exert maximal power on every repetition. This translates into three benefits on game day. First, the player is accustomed to applying large amounts of force in blocking and/or tackling positions. Second, the player improves his ability to recover quickly between plays. And third, technique becomes second nature.


ITEM NUMBER   410390
WEIGHT   930 lbs.
PRICE   $6525


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