Tred Sled

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The Tred Sled combines a one-man sled and tethered-sled pulling with interactive treadmill technology. Training in groups of up to six, the Tred Sled transforms workouts in competitions, challenging athletes to outperform themselves and their teammates.


How it works:

• Athletes drive non-motorized tread while breaking system resists movement. 
• Electronic package measures response time, impact force, and distance. 
• Control number of players, duration of work, rest time and repetitions. 
• Computer reports individual performances and ranks for competition. 

Benefits on Game Day

• Player develops ability to apply large amounts of force in blocking and/or tackling positions.

• Player improves ability to recover quickly between plays.

• Player increases acceleration.


Price includes a sprint harness and Shock Pad




ITEM NUMBER   410390
WEIGHT   930 lbs.
PRICE   $6790


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