Hip Press

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Product Description • Hip Press

The Pendulum Hip Press was designed to minimize spinal compression, reduce sheering forces on the knees and most critically, offer a safe and productive alternative to free weight squatting. The hip press is a completely unique leg press. With our engineered strength curves and our custom seat design, the hip and glute region are activated beyond that of a traditional leg press.

S.E.T. (Set Extension Technology) - On the side of the hip press is an adjustable stopper which controls the depth of movement. This can be used when training injured athletes who do not have full range of motion, or train athletes with poor flexibility. S.E.T. can also be used for variable range training which can be very intense.


  • Five position S.E.T. (Set Extension Technology) range limiter allows control of range of motion for training or rehab.
  • Lockout limiter stops forward progress and keeps athletes from locking their knees out. This can also be used as a training tool for rehab to increase the intensity of the exercise.
  • Built to fit all athletes with a moveable seat that provides adjustment in 18 increments.
  • Unique locking handles allows the athlete to begin exercise in a strong semi-contracted position.