Elite training form for pulling is to produce a motion utilizing more than the arms but to engage the entire body. This is achieved by holding the arm close to the side, extending the trunk, inclining the torso, and lower body heavily as the arm begins tugging the object forward. World Class athletes who engage in the sport of ‘Tug of War’ have been found to achieve greater upper torso strength relative to lower body from years of competition.

For the individual involved in rigorous training for their particular sport or for personal fitness the use of tires and sleds as part of a workout is a great way to Get Strong. When adding these modalities to an exercise regime, in order to maximize results it is important not only to pull but push these objects when training.

Pendulum Strength Rope Pull
Tire Push
ROGERS Speed Sled
The Rogers Speed Sled - Add a Rope & Add Weight - Adds Fitness